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    Welcome to the new Perl Archive! We've added many new features, including ratings, reviews, listing management and more! We invite you to browse the improved site.
    Categories: (3569 links total)

      TLC (113)
    The Perl Archive's Learning Center. Articles, tutorials and more.
      Affiliate Programs (53)
    Affiliate programs are fantastic traffic drivers. These programs give your affiliates some benefit for referring people to you. Casino Bonus Science is one example of a gambling affiliate which is great and can be found at This section also handles some already existing Affiliate programs, such as, Barnes and Noble, e-Toys, etc.
    Branded Stores
      Auctions (21)
    Add value to your web site by offering web based auctions.
    Branded Auctions
      Banner Rotation (67)
    Banner rotation helps keep your web page fresh by changing banners each time a page is loaded. Some progams offer robust statistics features.
      BBS (60)
    BBS's (Bulletin Board Systems), also called forums allow for threaded discussions.
      Calendars (36)
    Calendars allow you to either present a calendar of events on your site or allows your visitors to post events on your site.
      Chat (29)
    Chat programs allow real-time web based chat.
      Classifieds (82)
    Web site visitors can post information on buying, selling or trading merchandise.
    Personals,Real Estate,Jobs,Automotive,General,Boat
      Collections (82)
    Web sites with many different programs.
      Community Builders (55)
    This section deals exclusively with giving away free home pages, web space, building repeat visits by offering free services, etc.
    Home Pages,Picture Galleries,Guestbooks,Site Statistics,Bundled,Web Sites,Bookmarks,Counters,
    Free For All Links,Classifieds
      Counters (119)
    Counts accesses to your web pages.
    Textual,Graphical,Textual or Graphical,Click Counting
      Databases (77) new
    Add, modify and delete data from databases online.
    Flat File,SQL,Oracle,MySQL,DBM,ODBC,LDAP
      Date and Time (29)
    Various date and time functions.
      Emailing (266) new
    These programs result in the delivery of email to the intended recipients. Generally initiated by a form on your website.
    Mailing Lists,With Attachments,Mail-a-Page
      File Downloading (47)
    Tracks file downloads from your web site.
      File Uploading (33) new
    Allows you to upload files via your browser instead of your FTP program (requires upload-enabled browsers)
      Finance (36) new
    The programs help with various aspects of financial chores. Also listed are programs that interface with real-time credit card processing agencies.
      Free For All Links (33)
    Free For All Links programs allows your web site visitors to post links to your web site.
      Games and Contests (38) new
    Offer games, contests and sweepstakes on your website.
      Guestbooks (73)
    Guesbooks allow your visitors to add messages on your web site.
      Internet Protocols and Tools (47)
    Ping, finger, whois, traceroute, ftp, nslookup, dnsquery, host and telnet applications.
      ISP Utilities (45)
    Various tools for internet service providers.
      Link Exchanges (20)
    Set up a link exchange between sites.
      Link Managers (46)
    These programs will help you maintain a directory of links, not unlike YAHOO! or The Perl Archive.
      Membership Manager (38)
    Have a membership program? These applications will help you manage them.
      Miscellaneous (112) new
    Programs that don't fit into any other category
      MLM (17)
    Programs to help you manage your Multi-Level Marketing activities
      Modules (285)
    This section exclusively deals with prewritten code (Perl modules), which are extremely useful to Perl programmers.
      Multimedia Management (89) new
    These programs helpyou manage or display multimedia items on your web pages.
    Bandwidth Protection,Gallery Maintenance,Audio and Video,Animation,Imagemaps,Charts and Graphs
      Navigation (49)
    Give your visitors an easy way to navigate your site or the web.
    Browser Redirection,Drop Down Menus,Host and IP Redirection
      Password Protection (76)
    Protect pages or sections of your web site with these cgi programs.
      Perl Development Tools (68)
    Various tools to help novice and seasoned programmers program. Debuggers, code snippets, etc.
    Cookies,Code Snippets
      Postcards (27)
    Let your visitors send postcards to their friends and family from your web site. A great traffic builder.
      Random (60) new
    These scripts give you random elements for your pages, such as text, links, and images.
      Recommend Sites (41)
    These programs enable your visitors to recommend your site to their friends and family by allowing them to send a "Recommend" email on your site.
      Remote Content Integration (28)
    These programs fetch news or weather from other sites to be displayed on your web page.
      Remotely Hosted (388) new
    Fully functional CGI/Perl programs that are hosted on remote web servers.
      Science and Math (7)
    Mathematic and scientific programs. (eg: unit conversions, quadratic equations, meteorology)
      Search Engine Registration (47) new
    These programs submit your web site to various search engines, or are tools to help prepare your pages for submission.
      Searching (99)
    These programs search for text and display results.
    Web Site,WWW,Databases
      Shopping Carts (94) new
    Shopping carts allow your web site visitors to purchase your goods/services. Some programs come with browsable catalogs you can fill your products up with.
      Site Access Statistics (81)
    Site Statistics Programs help you learn who has visited your site, when they did, and other pertinent information.
    Server Logs,Generated Logs
      Support (44) new
    These programs will aid you and/or your company provide support to your customers.
      Surveys and Voting (43)
    Conduct surveys or polls on your web site.
      Tests and Quizzes (19)
    Create and grade online quizzes.
      Top Sites (20)
    "Top Sites" Programs
      Web Based HTML (53)
    Allows you to edit your web pages via your browser.
      Web Rings (4)
    Web rings are web site rings that point to "next" and "previous" sites in the ring.
      Web-Based-Email (27)
    These programs allow you to check your email via your web browser.
      Webmaster Utilities (185) new
    These programs help make developing web sites a little easier. This section includes color pickers, table generators, HTML code cleanup, etc.
    Backups,SSI Management,Error Handling,Link Verification,Bookmark Converters,Countdown
      Whats New and News (60)
    "What's New" and News scripts alert your visitors to new and notable items on your web site.

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